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Our database has over 15,000 documents from more than 179 countries, with a vast volume being exclusive to our library and serving as the world’s only source of information for Lawyers, Researchers, Scholars, and Students. Our strategic partnerships in over 90 countries, which includes many governmental and international organizations, alongside our qualified in-house team means that we are always updating our library with new and most up to date exclusive content.

With the launch of our new and sophisticated system, Barrows 2.0 we are excited to combine technology and legal knowledge to bring our most advanced system and research mechanism to our clients.

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How can we help?

  • I need examples of executed contracts to draft my own
  • I need model contracts to have a starting point for my own project
  • I need to find laws and regulations to give advise and be compliant with my opinions and reports
  • I want to see what others have done over time in order to have a better understanding and trends in the industry
  • I need elements of proof to support my arbitration or Litigation case
  • I need to understand specific negotiations thoroughly over time to support a case or legal opinion
  • I need to provide sophisticated reports for members of my association
  • I want to see models and executed contracts from other regions and countries to draft new models for my own country
  • I need an incitement to bid for models to draft my own contracts???
  • I need to understand other markets’ behaviors to define my own country’s international strategy
  • I need to draft bills based on other countries’ experiences
  • I need a reliable resource to convince governmental bodies to approve bills
  • I need to be aware of and learn the historical evolution of the industry in the world, as well as specific regions and countries
  • I need examples of contract patterns to illustrate my point for an essay
  • I want to see the laws and regulation to write my article or report
  • I need to have a look at examples of contracts to better understand the industry
  • I need to understand specific negotiations thoroughly over time to support an article or reports

Why Barrows?

Most Comprehensive
and Exclusive Database

We pride ourselves in being the most comprehensive and exclusive database for all legal needs for the energy and mining industry. Our database contains the most exclusive and up to date documents all in one place. This gives users convenience, time and cost saving tools to gain the most vital information instantaneously. Barrows continues to update and feed new and exclusive content to our library on an ongoing basis through our worldwide partnerships and qualified in-house team.


Our strategic partnerships in over 90 countries compromising of International and leading National Law Firms, Governmental Institutions and Universities gives us a fantastic global network which we can utilize to aid you on any issues or questions you may have. Be it that you require legal advice from experts in regions you are not familiar with, looking for documents in certain a language or anything else, BarrowsCo is on hand to assist you through our partners as well as our dedicated qualified in-house research team.

Advanced Search
Engine Capabilities

With the launch of Barrows 2.0, our most advanced and sophisticated search engine, we have integrated 15 filters for users to choose from to better refine their research requirements and get to the right documents and information more efficiently.


Using our Keyword Extraction tool (OCR) users can now search for documents or clauses using specific words or phrases. Barrows 2.0 will instantly give users the most relevant documents based on the words or phrases entered.

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Some of our clients

BarrowsCo. is an unrivaled reference source for Energy Lawyers. I've been using their vast database for decades. Lately, they have been adding even more impressive content to support my researches.

PhD FRSE FCIArb FEI, Professor Peter Cameron

Director, Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law & Policy School of Social Sciences, University of Dundee

The publication of the Barrows Company has always been one of the key sources of information in my practical duties.

Dr. of Science, Professor Andrey A. Konoplyanik

Gazprom, Adviser to Director General to the Journal of World Energy Law & Business

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