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BarrowsCo. Inc officially started its activities in 1962, although its inception took place at John Hopkins University in Washington, where Gordon Barrows started to collect our repository in the late 40’s. Due to the company’s extensive library, it has been the primary research source for oil, gas and mining students and practitioners, in addition to its use as a powerful tool for negotiating sophisticated oil, gas and mining deals.
The company has opened its office in New York City in the early 60’s and since then it has published journals, books and periodicals to distribute to its worldwide subscribers.

In the article written by Mr. Andrey Konoplyanik from Gazprom Group to the Journal of World Energy Law & Business, he recognizes Gordon Barrows as the “The man who helped to educate the petroleum world”.

Gordon Barrows founded Barrows Company (Barrows Co.) in 1962 to meet the Oil & Gas industry’s demands to support negotiation and legal claims using previously executed contracts. Mr. Barrows was also the Co-Founder of World GTL Inc. and served as its Chairman. As well as being the President or Owner of several other companies, he was also engaged in activities outside the petroleum industry, such as ranching, printing and theater.

Being a world-renowned expert on petroleum policy and legislation, Barrows served as an advisor to the United Nations, the World Bank and numerous foreign governments on petroleum legislation and related matters. He was Co-Founder of the AIPN (Association of International Petroleum Negotiators). He coordinated world reporting on energy laws and contracts in most countries of the world at Barrows Company Inc.

Undoubtedly, he is recognized as a world authority on the structure and suitability of petroleum contracts and legislation. He served as a Director and Member of the Advisory board of World GTL Inc. as well as serving as a Director of the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators. Barrows was active on several philanthropic boards. He was a candidate for the United States Senate in 1978. Mr. Barrows received his B.A. in mathematics and languages from the University of Wyoming and a Master of Arts, School of Advanced International Studies at John Hopkins University (International Relations & Law).
  • 1923

    Gordon Barrows is Born in Billings, Montana
  • 1941

    Gordon Barrows turns 18 and goes to the Wyoming University where he attends chemistry classes.
  • 1943

    Gordon Barrows is drafted for WW2 and starts his army training at Joplin. He takes part in the Utah Beach debarquement.
  • 1945

    Returns to the USA and resumes his classes at the University.
  • 1947

    Gordon Barrows graduates from the Wyoming University
  • 1948

    GB enters the School of Advanced International Studies in Washington DC for a Master’s degree.
  • 1950

    GB starts working for SOCAL
  • 1951

    GB leaves SOCAL to go to Mallorca “retire while you’re young”.
  • 1955

    GB becomes the Managing editor of the World Petroleum Journal
  • 1962

    He resigns from World Petroleum, creates Barrows Company Inc.
  • 1969

    GB creates Contenders Inc. (a company promoting boxing).
  • 1978

    Gordon runs for the Wyoming seat at the Senate but loses to his friend Alan Simpson
  • 2016

    Gordon Barrows dies at the age of 93. Prior to his death, he spent his time working for the Barrows Company, traveling half of the year around the world to meet key actors of the petroleum industry and add new documents to the library. The rest of the time he stayed in New York and Wyoming.


Guarantee the documents liability following the Gordon Barrows legacy. Expand and make global acknowledge exchanges easier, combining technology, innovation and optimizing the research time.


Become the most referenced legal tech in the natural resources area.


Honesty, liability and Modern Entrepreneurship Spirit, with the moral and ethic base of our contributors.

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