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Interactive Map

Our interactive world map is an invaluable resource providing access to various oil, gas and mining
contracts, and the current bidding for oil and gas contracts currently taking place, or about to happen
throughout the world. Evidence of dissertations and tax reports from different countries is also
available. This facility is up to date, accurate and provides information quickly and efficiently thus
optimizing your time and work.

Either when subscriber press Interactive Map itens or the squared windows here, they should be
directed to an interective map page describing each of them (exactly as the “welcome to barrows…”
above. In this case the map should be set to the window you chose.

Countries’ Summaries

We have made it possible to access the summaries of over twenty-five countries *covering their oil and
gas regimes, key issues and essential information concerning the exploration, development and
production of oil and gas concession contracts.
An exclusive timeline is accessible showing the history of petrol and the relative concession contracts
adopted by all the countries concerned, linking each period to actual contracts from our library. These
documents date back from the 19 th century to the most recently executed oil, gas and mining
agreements across the globe.

Oil and Gas Bids

Our updated interactive map shows all the major oil and gas concession bids, or those about to take
place. Relevant automatic alerts on upcoming bids are available on request.


Academic Dissertation Platform

Centralized Platform – Barrows Co. has collaborated with a number of universities which are leading
the field in the study of energy resources. Our newly created database provides access to the most
recent research papers on the subject. All dissertations are approved by the university before being
available for evidential work or research, therefore providing a reliable source of up to date
information for our clients.

Decentralized Platform – We are also developing a platform for academic study with free access to
uploads and downloads for all registered members (subscribers or not). However, this data will not
bear the Barrows Co label. Users will be able to upload their own writing, consult and download
another user’s dissertation (if authorisation has been granted). If this is the case, we only control
document security and the relevance of the documents to the topics of interest to us.
All papers will be classified by country/region, industry, topic and the period covered. This will allow
our users to find the most relevant information in a quick and effective manner.